Merry Quizmas!
A Christmas-themed Facebook chatbot quiz that has endless (ENDLESS!!!) amounts of copy. It took months but we got there, just in time for an October release (yeah...).

Agency: iris Worldwide
Work: Creative


Snow is falling... well it might be somewhere. And it's Quizmas time! Ready to earn some glittering prizes? Then grab your mates and get playing the most super-amazing-wonderful Christmas quiz around!

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  • Supported by £2m campaign.
  • There are 100 questions; 50 text, 10 scrabble, 10 static image, 10 gif, 10 audio and 10 emoji, each with multiple answers and unique responses to each answer.
  • Plus loads of additional supporting copy including welcome message, data capture, invalid response, celebratory copy, etc.
  • Loads of people/publications have written about this (incl: Britvic, The IPM, Talking Retail, promomarketingbetterRetailing, SLR Mag, Just-Drinks, EIN News, Asian Trader)
  • If "PLAY NOW" button above isn't working, it's probably because Christmas (and therefore Quizmas) is over.