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AGENCY: RAPP                    BRAND: Virgin Media                    WORK: Creative, social

In which Jim finds himself literally answering the call.

June struck and I received a call.  “Do you love football?” the voice on the phone asked.
Of course I do” I replied. “I've supported football ever since I was a kid. Michael Owen is my favourite football.”  

I had to drop everything, grab a beer and watch Euro 2016, putting together social campaigns for Virgin Media (plus lots of reactionary creative). But could I master VM's unique voice (the fan, not the expert) so close to kick-off?


In which Jim has to overcome the challenge.

Immersed in all things football and Virgin Media, I chatted to fans (making notes on how they speak) and analysed every VM footballing Tweet/Facebook post. It paid off. The Creative Director commented, “​​​​I've never seen anyone pick up the VM tone so quickly”. But what about the ideas?

Incredible growth from one player. But what’s next for Joe’s hair? #PLFixtures #AllTheFootball


Over The campaigns knocked it out of the park. Sorry, I mean they hit the back of the net! The two social campaigns: “Nanagers, (promoting VM's lineup builder) and "Football Football Football” (promoting VM in anticipation for the Premiere League) both performed like Ronaldo on a good day. With reactive content, we were able to capture the conversation online and being a little more creative with an email campaign allowed us to further boost sales.



The After Years

What happened next?

Looking for a sequel? This particular freelance booking kept getting extended but when they finally let me leave, it wasn't for long. RAPP have since hired me back a number of times to work on various Virgin Media social and creative.

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Project Notes

Want to know more?

  • Created alongside the most excellent Prad Nair.
  • Included pitching ideas to client.
  • Produced nanagers for all the best teams... and England.
  • Videos, tweets and Facebook posts created in minutes to react to live events.
  • Countless ideas were produced for possible scenarios that never happened.
  • Emails featured animated headlines for extra pizazz and improved engagement/CTR.
  • Email campaigns involved A/B copy testing so I was able to constantly improve open rates.
  • Facebook has some seriously dodgy ad specs but we made it work.
  • For some reason, Virgin Media can't show pics of Gareth Bale... so we used a hay bale. Hyah! Take that legal teams!
  • Yes, I did get paid to drink beer and watch football (but always with a notepad in hand).

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