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In which Jim is challenged.

The Drum, one of the world's leading advertising publications approached us with a challenge: come up with a creative idea that makes tech seem more human. They let us pick a tech startup from a list and offered to publish the best ideas. So my brief really was to create an ad that The Drum won't be able to resist publishing.

In which Jim resorts to foul language.

Believe it or not, this ad is actually based on some research and an insight. 2016 is universally known as the worst year ever (Trump, Brexit and all those celebrity deaths). Everyone was depressed and thinking about the glory days of 2015 and before. And, as it happens, the tech startup we were advertising allows you to witness past events. We put two and two together, injecting humour to make the tech seem more human.


Tech is often designed for
very practical application. So it’s not surprising that it doesn’t always come across as human. With this, we bring the human emotion of nostalgia into Timelooper’s comms when talking about the historical events the app allows you to experience. Research actually tells us that machines can’t feel nostalgia so audiences will instantly believe Timelooper is human and not machine.

And failing that, what’s
more human in this post-Brexit, post-truth, post-post world than taking cheap political potshots and moaning about the current state of affairs?

In which The Drum publishes this in a real national magazine. 

As predicted, The Drum loved it and had to print it. It got pride of place across a double page spread in the magazine. 

Project Notes

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  • Received feedback like "This is SOOOOOOO good!", "Bloody brilliant" and "Aberystwyth?"

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