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CONTEST: Cannes Young Lions                    BRAND: Safe Passage                    WORK: Creative Advertising, Digital, Social

In which Jim gets briefed.

24 hours to solve one of the biggest challenges in society today, the refugee crisis. Specifically, child refugees who have a right to be in the UK but are unable to find safe means to get here. Easy, right? This is the Cannes Young Lions 24-hour creative competition. And it's really f**king hard. 

In which Jim contributes to FAKE NEWS.

The charity client, Safe Passage, is not well known among the general public and operates on a shoestring advertising budget. So we needed to make a huge impact with a tiny budget. What they do have though, is celebrity and journalist support. We decided to combine these valuable assets with the biggest topics of the day, political division and fake news, in order to drum up a very public scandal and have the press and social users do our advertising for us.


In which Jim doesn't win anything. 

I'll admit it. We never thought we could win Cannes Young Lions with this idea. It's not their bag (they look for a single clever execution rather than a strategic campaign). But when it came to us, we couldn't help ourselves. We tore down all our other ideas and roled with this. And boy am I glad we did. To this day, it is one of my favourite ever pieces of work, it receives more compliments than any other piece in my portfolio and gets me more work too. But what I genuinely feel is more important than all of that, it's more on brief than any other CYL entry I've seen.

Project Notes

Want to know more?

  • Created with art-man Alec Bartlett.
  • Presented in 5 boards because that's what CYL enforces.
  • We literally had just 24 hours from the start of the briefing until submission.
  • Briefed at the Guardian. Idea generation at the pub. And everything else in the TSWCreative office (generously donated to our cause). 
  • Cabin fever is a thing.
  • We filmed the entire 24-hour experience... showing our slow descent into madness.

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