“Jim is a pleasure to have around as a freelancer: hardworking, smart, gifted writer and funny too.  His lack of ego is refreshing in an industry full of them, and his positivity makes him easy to work with.”

- Matt Weston, Associate Creative Director, Iris.


We’re genuinely proud to present the following wonderful words from our clients and colleagues. Many of these quotes were officially submitted, either offered freely or given upon request.

But you’ll also find completely candid remarks below, things simply said in conversation. We think it is important to include these as they give a more honest and transparent view.


"One of the best wordsmiths and concept merchants I've worked with... Jim is unafraid to explore the crazy and bold - which, as we know, is where all the best ideas live. Working with Jim has not only been a blast, the work we've produced together has made our clients extremely happy too." - Osagie Samuel, Creative Director, TSW Creative.


"Every time I have a brand project, I look around and go, "Great, what excuse can I use to get Jim on this?"  Jim not only has a great conceptual sense for the short, witty and ephemeral, but also a great talent at looking at the very start of a brand and setting up copy and written expression as an integral part of a brand system process." - Joel Dersken, Brand Strategists/Creative Director.


"We've had the pleasure of working with Jim on a number of projects. He helped us define and create our unique tone of voice as well as positioning our product to be more suitable for the freelancer audience. Working with Jim is effortless - he knows how to simplify complex technical language and make it human readable. All thumbs up for Jim." - Elina Räsänen, VP Marketing & Communication, Holvi.


"Jim is a pleasure to have around as a freelancer: hardworking, smart, gifted writer and funny too.  His lack of ego is refreshing in an industry full of them, and his positivity makes him easy to work with." - Matt Weston, Associate Creative Director, Iris


“A man of his words and pretty awesome with them too. Jim is brilliant at working with creative directors, strategists and account handlers alike. He is great at listening to everyone and then picking that odd insight, which he then crafts into a crazy idea that just sticks. We have worked together on so many projects. Rocket League was particularly memorable. The brief was challenging, the category cluttered and the consumer, bored. From a fleeting remark about how ridiculous the game was, Jim worked with us to create an epic idea founded on the insight that people, in general, crave the ridiculous. And the ridiculous is fun, its memorable and it’s epic. And we produced the most ridiculous ad which launched during the FIFA World Cup 2018. Jim then went on to help us with extending the campaign in digital channels by extending the meaning of epic, ridiculous fun in a variety of ways to keep the idea fresh over months. Working with Jim is a blast, he simply “gets it” and has been part of some of the best work coming out of our agency.” - Aparna Bangur, Creative Strategy Director, The Specialist Works.

"There's a dearth of ideas internationally. But Jim has them. Plenty of them. Just ask him."- Ed Owen, Head of Programme Content, Direct Marketing Association.


"Jim is a smart, intuitive writer. While many might have wilted under the pressure of a week's worth of briefing materials, Jim strode forth purposefully.  His first draft was good, his next was great. In my experience, it's a rare talent (dare I say, especially in a freelancer) to be able to take jargon-filled fluff and make it sing with simplicity and elegance." - Glenn Sturgess, Head of Copy, Ogilvy UK.


"Usually end up learning something new when working with Jim on a project. Good guy." - Liam Cunliffe, Senior Designer.


“Jim worked on a Mercedes-Benz chatbot, which he single-handedly turned into an interactive experience. In addition to great ideas, Jim's 1-slider outline of complex user journeys became our benchmark.” - Ron Engelbert, Creative Director, Antoni Berlin.


“Jim is impossible to book for good reason. Having him as part of a project boosts it immeasurably, he grasps nuance and tone in an instant and has a wonderful way of solving those ‘we need to say x and y without mentioning z’ problems which are so common for agencies. If you get the chance to work with him, grasp it without hesitation; he sets a new standard every time.” - Madeleine Burton, Creative Account Executive, TSWCreative.


"Jim is a pleasure to work with… listening and carefully crafting in the background. He takes in feedback and finds the right words to say what you mean." - Jeffrey Davies, Chief Creative Officer, ShopSkin.


"Jim has worked on almost every account in the building and on every single occasion he knocks it out of the park. The quality of his work is great, but equally as important he is super reliable and consistent. Final point, he really is a top guy. Down to earth, can do attitude and always keen to help out and get involved." - Louis Balogun, Head of Resource, Iris.


"I'm glad Jim will die alone so I don't have to beat his best man speech." - Tim Compton-Hall, Kind-hearted big brother.


"[The Account Director] was so upset we couldn't get you last week" - Associate Resource Director, a global advertising agency.


"Great news, the client loves the articles and your style... you nailed it in the first try" - Senior Project Manager, a Canadian creative agency.


“Thanks Jim you da best!☺” - Account Manager, a global advertising agency.


“It's a good thing we have you. [Global brand] really like your copy. Since [the old creative director] came off it a year and a bit ago, we've really struggled to find writers who can write for them. But they read some of your copy and loved it." - Account Director, a global advertising agency.


“You really hit it out of the park." - Creative Lead, A Canadian branding studio.


“The teams here love you. I don't know how you do it... they're always fighting over you." - Freelance Senior Producer, A global advertising agency.

"You're making me look good." - Head of Resource Management, A global advertising agency.


“We should create a freelancer award just for Jim” - Head of Copy in discussion with Resource Manager, A global B2B agency.


"[The client only gave us two weeks to do this project. We really wanted to impress them so] we waited 5 days so we could have you. " - Global Business Director, A global advertising agency.


"Looks great to me – really like the style and tone...  a great job" - Global entertainment client.


"Have they given you the other [national brand] brief? It’s going to take someone who’s really good with tone so I really want you on it." - Associate Creative Director, a global advertising agency.


“You my friend, are a true wordsmith!” - Account Manager, A global advertising agency.


"I also like you when you're sober." - Ex-girlfriend.

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