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An experiment in absolute pointless fuckery (but hey, it should be fun).
The rules are simple. Each author can write anywhere between 1 and 50 words at a time (but can contribute multiple times). Otherwise, whatever goes. Progress the story, start a new chapter, change the genre, kill off the main character; it's up to you. Just remember that your name will appear alongside your contribution(s). Want to be a contributing author? Don't write anything yet, just get in touch:

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A novel by 9 people
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Chapter One

"Once upon a timeJim Compton-Hall
..." there was a pause.
“The END!”
The little boy collapsed in giggles.
I admit it had been amusing the first time, but this was maybe the twenty fifth time. But I kept smiling.
I had to.
The casual observer might see a typical extended family lounging around after Sunday lunch. But the truth is that Timmy, the little boy, had already killed twice. Worse, I was his accomplice.Ed Owen
The detective put the diary down and looked at his colleague.
“This guy isn’t right in the head, who on earth is this Timmy kid he’s talking about?”
“It gets even stranger on the next page boss,” his partner retorted.Max Muehlhaus-Hobday
Detective Kinchett flicked wearily to the next ragged page, suddenly overcome with the exhaustion of a tedious Monday afternoon of admin. His Sunday hungover brain struggled to process the contents of the page in front of him. There was a sketch of a boy - not a bad drawing - especially the eyes which stared hypnotically, but it was hard to make out the features through a carnage of what looked like spilt red wine and violent pen slashes.Madi Bliss
The words were scrawled in biro.
“The rich must die. Timmy and I will be their reckoning. Their vengeful nightmare. Our katana will make quick work of their flesh.Matt Weston
"You see, Timmy wasn’t like other children. Some say his cot was hit by lightning one night when he was sleeping, others claim that he came out cackling when he was born. Amongst all the rumours, a single truth remained – today Timmy was a truly unique and terrifying little boy.Aimee-Louise Fisher
"Timmy’s behaviour tortured his mother’s soul. Sallow and sad, weariness somehow suited her. Frost clung to the hillside when we first exchanged neighbourly pleasantries; I had felt Timmy analysing each syllable. To this day, I’m unsure if I chose him or he chose me. Either way, the girls are corpses." Lily Peters
Kinchett sighed the words out loud "The girls are corpses". If only this case was that simple. He felt a second of remorse that he was effectively wishing for stone cold bodies of twin 13 year olds in the morgue. If he had, forensics would undoubtedly have provided some clues. Anna Bliss

Chapter Two: The Sister

Kinchett had learned of a sister, Grace. Timmy now wasn’t the only person on the radar of Kinchett and his trusty assistant, Dave, or Derek as people inexplicably called him. Research suggested Grace was also somewhat a problem child – once shaving her own head and sticking the loose hair onto her hamster with Sellotape.Lewis Henson

(To be continued...)By you?