At Copycabana 2017, Ogilvy's Glenn Sturgess and Peter Stephen warned us that robots and artificial intelligence could replace copywriters in as little as 15 to 20 years.
I decided to make it happen much sooner.

Say hello to the new breed of freelance copywriter, exactly the same as a human one but doesn't need to sleep.

It all started with a simple prototype*. Most people just couldn't tell the difference between this and a real copywriter.

Current version: Copywriter 2.1.0 (Click here to test).

I didn't stop with the prototype. The AI has been improved and improved and improved. Now, not even Alan Turing would know this isn't a real copywriter. Take that Alan Turing. Jim 1. Turing 0. 

Banner imageBanner image

Give it briefs and watch the magic happen.

See it slack off, just like a real copywriter!

Enjoy its weirdly specific ethics!

Can you really put a price on replacing every copywriter in your team? Yes.
It's £99.999.49 for your very own copybot for life. No subscription!**
That might sound like a lot but think of all the money you'll save not having to pay copywriter salaries! 

Get in touch ( today and receive a FREE Ogilvy pencil*** with your purchase.




*You can check out the original prototype here.

**You may have to pay for updates and upgrades and other upstuff.

***While stocks**** last.

****I only got one from them but I'll see if I can steal some more.