Shelves narrowShelves narrow

2. Cap #1: Mclaren. Acquired: Gift from Robert Cheke of McLaren.
3. I have saved Princess Zelda on many occasions. That girl owes me big time.
4. My advertising/copywriting/creativity books.
5. Cap #2: Toronto Blue Jays. Acquired: Sky Dome, Toronto.
6. Tigers are fucking awesome. They're like the falcons of the land.
7. Samus is badass.
8. Cap #3: Atlanta Falcons. Acquired: Online because they only had ugly gold ones at Wembley.
9. My Nerf gun, so you know I'm a real advertising creative.
10. This is a TV.

11. Cap #4: New York Yankees (under the Blue Jays where they belong). Acquired: Gift from Danny Devereux, International Art Thief.

12. He's a God-damn dinosaur, that's why! What, you'd rather an Italian stereotype, a ditzy princess or a fucking mushroom?!
13. The world's greatest mystery solver. Luke can go fuck himself, though.

15. How is this not the best cider ever? There's a snake wearing sunglasses for God's sake! SUNGLASSES!
14. Cap #5: Virgin DS Racing (signed by Sam Bird). Acquired: Gift from client (Virgin Media) at Formula E Grand Prix.
16. Lvl 50. She beats the hell out of me.
17. Cap #6: Zelda. Acquired: Gift from Timothy Anthony Simon Compton-Hall.
18. "My nipples explode with delight!"
19. "
Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happy hour. "
20. Cap #7: Heineken. Acquired: Amsterdam.

21. After spending two weeks in Mexico, I can now employ very important Spanish phrases, such as "Tienes WiFi?" whenever required.
22. DUM da da dum dum dum dum dum, DUM da da dum dum dum dum dum, DAA DAA da da da

23. Cap #8: Ash Ketchum. Acquired: Friki Plaza, Mexico City.
24. This is soap. Not an actual cartridge.
25. I have a 100% win record with this Mexican chess set.
26. Cap #9: Atlanta Falcons Conference Champions (currently missing from this collection - we apologise for any inconvenience). Acquired: Atlanta. 
27. Did you know the longest grammatically correct sentence that uses just one word is "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"?
28. Someone stole my copy of The Shining. You know who you are... MANUELA! I want it back!


One day, this page will be complete... with a professional photograph and everything. You can look forward to the following additions.

  • A world inside a world inside a world inside a world.
  • The Millenium fucking Falcon.
  • Original prints from a Joel Derksen exhibition.
  • The Man of Steel.
  • All kinds of Nintendo shit.
  • A lizard named Antoni who made a park or something.
  • The Duchesse.
  • Cap #10.
  • An actual wolf. 
  • Some sweet-ass Ray-Bans.
  • Princess Anal (blame Ana Biloshmi for that name).
  • A whole lot of booze.